“Prison” Bazooka

2017, saw Greek punk band Bazooka joined forces with Inner Ear Records for the release of the EP Ζούγκλα (Jungle). Since then, Bazooka has been busy touring and recording. They recently released Zero Hits with the label. The album was recorded at Electric Highway Studio with sound engineer band member John Vulgaris, joined by the rest of the group on production. Bazooka, play their next show on April 5th, in Florence, Italy.

Bazooka were formed in 2008, in Volos, Greece where Centaurs were living, consisting singer/guitarist Xanthos Papanikolaou, guitarist Vasilis Tzelepis, drummer John Vulgaris, keyboardist/drummer Panos Papanikolaou and bass player Aris Rammos. In the same year they relocated to Athens to pick up live gigs, and while the country and it’s capital city were undergoing a severe economic crisis an underground musical renaissance flourished through a multitude of DIY squat venues that hosted the city’s best punk and psych-rock bands. Bazooka were quickly found to be the most primal and savage crew of the incredibly corrosive rock’n’roll scene that includes Acid Baby Jesus, Gay Anniversary, Komodina 3, The Callas and A Victim Of Society.

Xanthos Papanikolaou on “Prison”;

“The song was born from the thought that we are seemingly free, yet we are locked up in our own mental cell. You know, we create our personal hell and we don’t even know it. And some of us even believe that it’s a place of love and happiness.”

EU Tour Dates

FR 05.04 Firenze (IT) TBA
SAT 06.04 Bludenz (A) TBA
MON 08.04 Vevey (CH) – Le Bout Du Monde
TUE 09.04 Zürich (CH) Sinnbild
THU 11.04 Olten (CH) – Coq dor
FR 12.04 Lyon (F) – Trukson
SAT 13.04 FREI!Festival
SUN 14.04 Montpellier (F) TBA
MON 15.04 Bordeaux (F) TBA
TUE 16.04 Nantes (F) TBA
WED 17.04 Lilles (F) – DIY Cafe
THU 18.04 Paris (F) TBA
MON 22.04 Dresden (D) – Ostpol
TUE 23.04 Leipzig (D) – Ilses Erika