“Space and Sound” Daphne and the Fuzz

2 AM, the forthcoming release from Daphne and the Fuzz, is described as an album that combines dance and up-tempo elements. Vasilis Nissopoulos (member of Daphne and the Fuzz but also of Whereswilder) produced the album, influenced by the sound of the French touch scene, she started the recordings of the LP in 2017. In the summer of 2018 and while the recordings were completed the band decided to collaborate with Greek electronic artist NTEIΒINT, who added his own significant touch to the mixing of the album. Daphne and the Fuzz is the music project of Greek singer-songwriter Daphne Lz. Two years after their debut self-titled album, Athens based Daphne and the Fuzz drop their new album “2 AM”, which comes out on October 12th via Inner Ear Records. Ahead of the album’s release, Daphane and the Fuzz have shared the video for “Space and Sound.”

Last July, Daphne and the Fuzz shared album’s lead single, “Pawnshop.” Now, a few weeks before the album’s release, they are following it up with the first music video from their upcoming album, called “Space and Sound.” A space-pop ballad inspired by the French touch scene with funky grooves and dance beats but also some more introverted and psychedelic parts.

Daphne Lz on “Space and Sound”:

“Can we distinguish reality from fantasy? Have our past lovers really been there or did we just dream about them? “Space and Sound” seems to be the only proof for me and that was what I tried to explain in the new single from our second LP 2AM. In this self-directed music video, which was shot in my place as I usually like to do, I am having some VR dreams in my filled-with–audio tapes-bathtub, while exploring the old-school audiovisual technologies and I get lost in them.”

Daphne and the Fuzz
2 AM
[Inner Ear Records]

01. Early Morning
02. Pawnshop
03. Space and Sound
04. Waiting
05. Dance
06. Life Is Yours
07. After Midnight
08. Step By Step
09. All These Things
10. Glitter & Dust
11. Mr. Everywhere

Format: Vinyl + CD, Digital Album
Preorder: Inner Ear, BandCamp
Street Date: 12 October 2018