'Seeking Thrills' by Georgia, album review by Adam Williams for Northern Transmissions


Seeking Thrills


“It’s just about finding this feeling that makes you want to jump out and fuck it all and go seek a thrill.” This is how Georgia summarises the inspiration behind her latest record ‘Seeking Thrills’, a dance-pop centric LP that finds catharsis through the healing properties of the dancefloor while exploring nuanced relationships and self-discovery. 2015 saw the North West Londoner release her self-titled debut offering; an album indebted to edgy post-punk and grimy sounds that drew comparisons to M.I.A. With this sophomore outing, those rough edges have been (mostly) sanded off to project a boing sound closer to Robyn and Chvrches.

After embarking down the sonic rabbit hole populated by Chicago House and Detroit Techno, Georgia began to form what would become ‘Seeking Thrills’, combine that with our protagonist’s love of drums, drum machines and all things percussion and you’ve got a record that’s largely joyful with the slightest tinge of melancholy. The one-two bop of ‘Started Out’ and ‘About Work The Dancefloor’ announce ‘Seeking Thrills’ like banging back two swift shots of Sambuca at the beginning of the night; the former a heady rush of effervescent synths and a long languid strut as Georgia urges us to “be wicked and bold” while the former channels the simplicity of doing away with worldly goods for an uninhibited night of hedonism. ’24 Hours’, with it’s rousing electronics and a spoken word segment “talking about the party people”, opts for a loving dance-pop wiggle as Georgia ponders “if two hearts ever beat the same/we could be it”. ‘Feel It’ carries the same arc with a pulsing beat and a static crackle, there’s an edge to it that evokes the bravado of Georgia’s debut LP. The notion of friendship and connection anchors this track as the Londoner proclaims, “if we should fall into two different worlds/I know I’ll be there with you”. ‘Never Let You Go’ judders and shimmies with a propulsive energy that’s rooted in the mechanical surge of post-punk but encased in a sweet electro-pop shell.

Like some nights out, there are some moments on ‘Seeking Thrills’ that don’t hit the mark, akin to waiting too long at the bar or when you’re looking to catch that second wind when you’re starting to flag (nothing a vodka-Red Bull can’t solve, am I right?!). ‘Mellow’s dark bounce, sonically is a treat but the lyrics about “vodka-jello” and “amaretto” are a bit like someone reading a venue’s drinks menu. ‘Til I Own It’s tepid ballad is a low energy lull while ‘Ray Guns’, like ‘Mellow’, would have suited being an instrumental, as the banging beats and jittering nuances do the job without the need for the track’s forgettable lyrics getting in the way. As far as snapshotting the essence of that undeniably great feeling of stepping out with your mates and being at one with the dancefloor, Georgia has found that thrill we largely all seek out…even if the night out is marred by your Uber cancelling on you and one your pals puking up in the gutter.

Words and Thought of Adam Williams

Seeking Thrills comes out on January 10th, via Domino Recordings


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