Euphoric by Georgia album review by Greg Walker for Northern Transmissions




Working with the likes of the Gorillaz, Shania Twain, and now, as a co-producer, Rostam—former Vampire Weekend band member, solo artist, and producer for HAIM, Clairo, and Carlie Rae Jepsen—Georgia has left her neon fingerprints on modern music. And her latest record, Euphoric, doesn’t seem to be slowing her down. Her songs, like the title song, “It’s Euphoric,” are mostly full of ecstasy, positivity, and brave love, fit for the dance floor. And her songs, with their fantastic vocal dynamics, alongside Rostam’s alternative-informed-pop production, will certainly soundtrack not just body moving but heart giving, as well.

“Just when I thought I should give up / That’s the moment I found love.” Georgia said that this album is an effort to face reality, in response to escapism that she found herself caught up in, in the wake of her last successful release, Seeking Thrills. This results in sober themes and lyrics in songs, like “Some Things You’ll Never Know” and “The Dream,” where she sings, “One thing I know / You have got to let me go.”

There is a balance to the record, for sure—dealing with mistakes and anxiety and uncertainty, as well as the highs of love: something refreshing in pop music—but above all it is a triumphant record, one you can get lost in. Dance it out, so to speak. It is music that thrills at every turn, and there is not a bad song in the bunch, though she excels in the faster paced songs.

“But so what? / So what if it hurts? / I’ll still do it again,” she closes out the album, in a beautiful high register. Though she is an adept producer in her own right, Rostam brings a lot to the table, with his multi-layered production and he pushes her even more towards pop than she has been before. It’s a satisfying pop record, with hope, heart, and wonderfully euphoric grooves.

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