Spirituals by Santigold album review by Robert Duguay




Philadelphia multi-artist Santigold has no limits when it comes to creating music. She defies genres and classification while embracing her own identity and putting it forth through her songs. It makes her a true outlier in an incredible way, it’s something to be respected and admired in an age when too many musicians are confining themselves within an artistic box. Santigold also has a knack for sneaking up on the entire industry with her brilliance. This is especially the case with her fourth studio album Spirituals that came out via her own label Little Jerk Records on September 9.

With a pop foundation, Santigold blends in R&B, alternative and electronica into a sonic array of tracks. A lot of the beats are excellent with each of them standing out in their own way, which is due to the wide number of producers she worked with Rostam Batmanglij, SBTRKT, Boyz Noise and Lido among others are involved and their collective effect on the album is noticeable. It goes along with Santigold’s motif of going beyond boundaries and it results in genuinely great music. It relays a lot of personal messaging as well which has to be appreciated.

One of those excellent beats I previously mentioned is in “High Priestess” with the song also conveying a unique brand of charisma. I really enjoy the vocal delivery within this one. “Witness” uses the electronic elements to their full extent as Santigold sings at a higher pitch and with a distorted tone. Another excellent beat is present in “Shake” along with some cool sampling and
stellar singing having a presence as well. Other highlights include “My Horror”, “Ushers Of The New World” and “Ain’t Ready”.

An understated quality within Spirituals is how the cohesiveness and the substructure of the songs have a distinct balance. It’s kind of like a cake with a lot of layers with each layer having a different icing on its exterior. The originality of it all is great too and in an age of imitators and ripoffs it’s a refreshing thing. That’s what I dig about this album and I have a feeling anyone else who gives it a listen will come away with a similar reaction. To find out if you’ll have said reaction, you gotta get a copy of it, plug in and press play.

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