Rapport Reveal Floating Through The Wonderwave

Rapport have announce new EP Floating Through The Wonderwave
Rapport have announce new EP Floating Through The Wonderwave

Rapport, will release their new EP Floating Through The Wonderwave, on July 8th, 2022 via Arbutus Records. Ahead of the album’s arrival, the Toronto synth-pop band have shared a video for the lead single “Going Nowhere.” Floating Through The Wonderwave is Rapport taking a darker, more melancholic turn. Themes of jealousy, neuroses and self-doubt arise as Wilde explores the balance between artistic creation and self-promotion.

Speaking on the track, frontwoman Maddy Wilde says: “I’m a self-described chump. Sometimes I’ll find myself in a relationship where I’m the lesser-than and the other person calls all the shots. They have the ability to improvise and lead the way with confidence while I struggle to find my own way. Most of the time this is just in my head. I tend to over analyze their accomplishments and my lack-thereof. It’s a lot like Ferris Bueller’s sister just watching her brother effortlessly coast through life. The more you analyze the imbalance and measure the comparisons, the more resentful you become. This is the story of one such relationship. Sometimes you gotta chill out, give in, and follow the leader just to see what happens next. Just tagging along in hopes of inheriting some of their clout and momentum along the way. “

Commenting on the video, she adds: “My favorite place to listen to music has always been the inside of a moving car. This is when my imagination wanders off and I can often picture something in my head to go along with the music. Driving is also when I do some of my best processing and reflection. Thus, the idea for the video started there and aimed to be simple. I decided to show different versions of driving Maddy: regular Maddy, snobby Maddy, reckless Maddy, musician Maddy and touring Maddy. Perhaps to emulate the various states of being I’ve explored in my head while on the road. It’s a slight nod to Alannis Morissette’s Ironic video, but with more cars and less knitted sweaters.”

Toronto-born Maddy Wilde (Moon King, Born Ruffians) formed Rapport after a decade of playing in various local bands and performing with other artists; Wilde’s imposter syndrome finally gave way to a desire to create music that she felt was under explored in her city. With band members Kurt Marble and Mike Pereira, (Twist, Ducks ltd, Most People).

“I had to uninstall social media apps on my phone when I realized they were a major source of anxiety and a hugely addictive waste of time which I could have spent making music. My creative practice was suffering as a result. But without these tools, how are artists meant to share their work?,” Wilde reflects.

Floating Through The Wonderwave
track listing
Arbutus Records

1. Video Star
2. Can’t Get It To Last
3. Going Nowhere
4. Eggshells
5. Trial Run
6. My Bed

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