The Range announces new album ‘Potential’

Photo by Alexandra Gavillet
Photo by Alexandra Gavillet

Potential is the new album from Brooklyn, NY-based musician James Hinton, aka The Range, out March 25, 2016 on Domino.

The magic of Potential – his first album for Domino, following 2013’s Nonfiction – is as a document of its time.

The Range has made an electronic record inspired by Baltimore club, early ’00s grime and mid ’00s electronica, but also as a member of the last generation that will remember going online for the first time.

As its backbone, Potential utilizes a series of vocal samples that Hinton found in the deep corners of YouTube, introducing us to unknown artists expressing themselves unfettered by the constraints of industry. He might be fascinated by the code that determines his YouTube searches, but what truly grips him are the human stories behind the samples. Hinton explains,

“I found each person by using a small set of search terms on YouTube. Each song is inextricably linked to the point in time that I came across each video. I endeavoured to tie the songs of Potential together by telling my own story alongside the stories of the people I sampled. Every song tries to acknowledge a sense of vulnerability or difficulty in life, as well as an intense drive to cope with problems in ways that don’t drag you into the abyss.”

Listen to “Florida” here.

In addition to the forthcoming album Potential, a documentary titled Superimpose, directed by Daniel Kaufman, out this spring, will look at the human stories behind the unknown artists included on the album. As Hinton states, “I am very conscious that these people who I have sampled elevate what I do, just as much as my record brings their work somewhere else.”

Watch the Superimpose documentary trailer here.

Potential will be available in CD, LP, deluxe double LP edition, and digital formats. The deluxe double LP edition is available to pre-order exclusively from Domino and includes a bonus 4 track Strings 12″ EP and instant download of “Florida.” It will be limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

The Range will be playing a handful of pre-release shows in March. Dates are below with more extensive touring to be announced soon.

Tues March 1 || Los Angeles, CA || Resident
Wed March 9 || London, London UK || Pickle Factory