Houston’s Underground Club Scene

Houston's Underground Club Scene
Photo by Eric Brian Ste

The pulsations of the developing Houston underground club music scene in Texas have begun to oscillate about a central linear equilibrium. This last weekend’s “Trust Me Daddy” warehouse party (Mystic Stylez Productions—Houston, TX) felt to be along that line—pulling in raw waveform energy into a steady transformative vibration. The level of experimentation witnessed here isn’t really allowed for in other parts of the world, even those that are seen as forward thinking spaces. Texas is truly underground—once you leave the party, you’re meeting a contrastingly disparate world. There is also a really intriguing amount of interconnectedness within Texas. The party was in Houston, but the partiers were from San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas (the Texas Triangle!). These parties would be nothing without the queer influence that both creates and fills the space. Holding capacities for unhinged, hedonistic rage in a progressively loud electronic atmosphere is exactly the type of equation that breeds the energy output “Trust Me Daddy” actively seeks. Check out some of the photos from the event documenting the crowd fashion, as well as a fashion show from Houston designer, Brittany Anele, the maniacal cackling / metaphysical musings of the MCs (Bobby Bearz and Grapefruit Gonzales of House of Kenzo), Fear the Queer performance art, and a lineup including Ledef (House of Kenzo / Halcyon Veil), Santa Muerte (NAAFI), Rabit (Halcyon Veil), and Venus X (GHE20G0THIK NYC). This was the fourth installment of “Trust Me Daddy”, with past bookings including Kingdom (Night Slugs / Fade to Mind) and Baltra (LuckyMe, Traxx Underground). Also, who left their toothbrush at the rave???

Photos and Story by Eric Brian Stevens (NYC)


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