Rahill Debuts New Single “Bended Light”

Rahill Debuts New Single “Bended Light.” The track is off the singer/songwriter's forthcoming release Flowers At Your Feet
Rahill Debuts New Single “Bended Light"

Rahill has dropped “Bended Light.” The multi-artist’s new single was co-written with Jasper Marsalis (Slauson Malone). “Bended Light,” includes Marsalis’s tasteful jazz chords, the song began as a vocal melody Rahill sent to producer Alex Epton via voice note during a stay in her home state of Michigan. The tack follows previous single “Fables”, featuring vocal and guitar contributions from Beck. Both tracks are off Rahill’s forthcoming album Flowers At Your Feet arriving May 12th on Big Dada.

Speaking more on the new single, Rahill says, “I wrote ‘Bended Light’ inspired by old country ballads, it was intended to be a country song/folk song. I sent the vocal melody to Alex Epton and we agreed Jasper’s guitar would really fit the song. So I sent him just the vocal melody, the first verse/chorus and he sent back the guitar that you hear on the track. It was immediately perfect, no tweaking necessary – he captured the emotion so exactly, that’s why I love collaborating with him. He’s very intuitive and his playing is so emotive. I can sing a note and he knows what direction I’m going in. His jazz style guitar and outro he produced added dimension to the somber country inspired vocal, I really felt like we made a genre up, ‘Cowboy Jazz’.”

Flowers At Your Feet follows Rahill’s 2022 covers EP Sun Songs and sees her moving along a journey of self-acceptance and self-love; reflecting on childhood and family while honouring the people and moments that defined her. The project draws on elements of trip-hop, jazz and alt-rock music, all underpinned by Rahill’s reverent and thoughtful lyricism, invoking the spirit of Broadcast to Madlib. Recorded in phases during the lockdown, the album was created in close collaboration between Rahill and producer Alex Epton (FKA Twigs, Arca) who immediately identified the strength and potential of Rahill’s pre-existing solo compositions, some of which she’d written years earlier and others written spontaneously during the recording process.

Rahill Jamalifard is a multidisciplinary artist and musician hailing from Lansing, Michigan and presently based in upstate New York’s idyllic Hudson Valley. As a founding member of Brooklyn garage-rock mainstays, Habibi, Rahill garnered a reputation for alchemizing an eclectic range of influences, distilling them into captivating and heavy pop songs that gestured towards the modes and melodies of the Iranian/American household in which she was raised—a heritage she has continued to nurture via successive trips to Iran. This affinity for Iranian culture and music is increasingly present in her emergent solo output. Indeed, maps of her familial home cities, Shiraz and Isfahan, grace the insert of her upcoming debut solo LP, ‘Flowers At Your Feet’.

Rahill will be holding a record release show May 13th at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right. Order tickets HERE

Pre-order Flowers At Your Feet HERE


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