Flowers At Your Feet by Rahill album review by Adam Fink. The multi-artist's full-length is out today via Big Dada and streaming services


Flowers At Your Feet


Authenticity is a truly nebulous thing. There are artists that have it in spades and it’s not because of something that they are or aren’t doing but because there’s no other way for them to be. It’s a part of your upbringing, your heritage, your process. When all of these things come together it’s a magical thing that you cannot fake. Hearing authenticity in someone’s work causes the listener to sit right up, ears wide open, soaking in every note and phrase. Iranian American multidisciplinary artist Rahill Jamalifard aka Rahill has this unique authenticity. The music and art she creates come from a place so natural to her; the household in which she was raised. Originally from Michigan but now based in Hudson Valley, New York, Rahill crafts beautiful and beautifully lopsided pop music that combines the brilliance of the influences that she picked up on working in record stores in Brooklyn, but these are distilled through her own experiences creating something really magical and authentically her own. Her debut album, Flowers At Your Feet out May 12th via Big Dada, is a lovely way to spend some time. It conjures up the freewheeling feeling of exploring the city on a hot summer day, all the time in the world in your hands all while giving you a distinct spring in your steps.

The album kicks off with “Healing” which while starting off the album, feels like a palate cleanser for anything that your ears have ingested prior. Over a skipping rope rhythm of the vocal melody, soft brushes adorning the snare, you hear what feels like a families and conversations in the background as if you would while wandering outside on a beautiful day. It’s effervescent and lovely and such a great way to begin the journey of the album. Throughout the record loopy breakbeats are draped over Rahill’s hypnotic rhymes and melodies. Horns break through on occasion such as on “I Smile For E”. The album features an impressive array of musicians such as fellow art-pop purveyor Beck on the track “Fables”. The song doesn’t feel unlike anything that we’ve heard from the artist before but it’s infused with a sunniness that we haven’t heard from him in awhile and that can truly be accredited to Rahill. Shades of everything from Cornershop and Lucious Jackson to Stereolab act as touchstones throughout Flowers At Your Feet but it’s the voice of Rahill that triumphs over all the influences gathered.

Hopefully many will get a chance to spend some time with this great artist and infectious album. It’s arriving at the perfect time as it distills everything that is great about the upcoming summer season. Sleeping with the windows open, lazy afternoons with pals and enough hope and excitement that keep us moving even through the hottest of temperatures.

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