Rahill Collaborates With Beck On “Fables”

Rahill Collaborates With Beck On “Fables." The track is off the Iranian-American singer-songwriter forthcoming album 'Flowers At Your Feet
Rahill Collaborates With Beck On “Fables."

Singer/songwriter and Habibi member Rahill, has shared her new psychedelic tinged track “Fables,” featuring production and vocals from Beck. The track is off from her forthcoming debut solo album Flowers At Your Feet, available May 12th via Big Dada. Along with the single comes a music video directed by Irie Calkins who has collaborated on film and creative campaigns for Beyoncé, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Vans, Levi’s. The Video stars Rahill, Beck and actor Medalion Rahimi.

After bonding over their shared love of music greats and legends during a trip to LA, Rahill began sharing early versions of songs from ‘Flowers At Your Feet’ with Beck. “I began sharing rough songs from the album with him and he was really supportive and encouraging about making a full album out of the songs. It meant a lot to me because he was a huge source of inspiration.” As Rahill came to finishing “Fables” she sent Beck the track and he contributed his own ideas, making it a full circle moment not just for the song but also for ‘Flowers’ as a whole.

Speaking on the creation of “Fables”, Rahill says, “Fables was the last song I wrote from the record. It came to me while on a summer drive through the scenic mountains near my home. I wanted to capture that present moment, a heightened sensation of spirit, windows down, all senses engaged, a feeling of jubilation and bliss. [Alex] Epton channelled that stirring emotion with an infectious beat, and Beck dosed the song with his ethereal vocals and added guitar, giving the song a kaleidoscopic lens.”

Director Irie Calkins says of the music video, “I was so happy to work on this music video with Rahill, a long time friend of mine. Listening to the song for the first time, I was taken aback by how magical it felt and immediately knew we needed to have our music video be somewhat of a fairy tale. Fables for me is an imaginative journey through love. We follow Rahill through different scenes of life – from a cramped doll house, to a mystical boat ride, to an abandoned castle on a beach. Along the way she has the company of her ferryman Beck, as well as a mysterious enchantress, Medalion. Our video is campy, mystical, and really feels like magic to me.”

Flowers At Your Feet
Big Dada

1. Healing
2. I Smile for E
3. Tell Me
4. From a Sandbox
5. Fables (feat. Beck)
6. Hesitations
7. Gone Astray
8. Bended Light
9. Ode to Dad
10. Rise so I Rose
11. Futbol
12. Nazila
13. Libra Sun
14. Note to Self

Rahill Jamalifard is a multidisciplinary artist and musician hailing from Lansing, Michigan and presently based in upstate New York’s idyllic Hudson Valley. As a founding member of Brooklyn garage-rock mainstays, Habibi, Rahill garnered a reputation for alchemizing an eclectic range of influences, distilling them into captivating and heavy pop songs that gestured towards the modes and melodies of the Iranian/American household in which she was raised—a heritage she has continued to nurture via successive trips to Iran. This affinity for Iranian culture and music is increasingly present in her emergent solo output.

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