Public Memory releases new single “Zig Zag”

Public Memory releases new single "Zig Zag", the track comes off Public Memory's forthcoming release 'Wuthering Drum'

Brooklyn-based Public Memory has shared a new single from his forthcoming debut album today. “Zig Zag” is the third track to be taken from Wuthering Drum, out March 18th via felte.

Public Memory is the solo project of Brooklyn’s Robert Toher, recorded over the course of a year as he lived in Los Angeles temporarily. Previously of the group ERAAS, Robert places a greater emphasis on electronics in this new project. Rhythm is at the forefront, with the tone informed by stripped down, narcotic impressions of krautrock, hypnotic percussion, and subtly layered atmospherics. With an unintended nod to trip hop luminaries, Public Memory’s music has a distinct urban sensibility, conjuring clouded lights, foggy glass in empty buildings, urban wraiths.

There is a slightly religious or spiritual element at Wuthering Drum’s core; a sense of being in an existential crisis, while simultaneously being uplifted, in the face of change. The focus is on a kind of renewal, but not in the New Age, aggressively positive sense. This is the search for redemption in a far away place, away from comfort; it is adjustment to an inner dissonance, rather than the washing over of past fears and regrets with sterile holy waters. Wuthering Drum will be released on March 18th.

Wuthering Drum tracklist:

1. Heir
2. Mirror
3. Ringleader
4. Domino
5. Cul De Sac
6. As Your Wish
7. Interfaith
8. Zig Zag
9. Earwig
10. Lunar