“Seagull” by Living Hour

Living recently shared their video for “Seagull,” the lead single from their self-titled debut full-length. The video is about parental sacrifice and also about getting through a tough Canadian winter.

Director / Editor : Nicholas Taylor
Director of Photography : Tyler Funk
Gaffer and Aerial Camera Operator : Ben Stouffer
Camera Assistant : Trevor Kristjanson
Production Assistants : Brett Ticzon and Brent Berrington
Story Consultant : Lucas Pingitore

Mother : Katerina Liakakis Dawson
Son : Landon Fritsch
Daughter : Sara Hulkowich

The project aimed to acknowledge all of the little things parents do for their children and the sacrifices that parents make. Canadian winters are very isolating and depressing but there are little things that make it bearable. The project drew on this isolation and the monotony of daily life, juxtaposing these things against the interactions in the indoor arena as a representation of the small things that give our lives meaning. The aesthetic of the soccer field was influenced by the work of Miles Aldridge for references, particularly the work for his I Only Want You To Love Me exhibition.

Living Hour began in the basements of South Winnipeg, writing dreamy love songs inspired by the cinematic sky of their hometown. Blending bright shimmering guitar pop with thick casio drones and uniquely powerful, smoky vocals, their sound washes over you like the soundtrack to the best parking lot makeout session of your youth. Watery echoes of gorgeously sung melodies, psychedelic interlocking guitar, and huge driving crescendos create an enchanting wall of blissful dream pop.

Living Hour contributed two songs to Family Portrait II, a vinyl compilation put out by Art is Hard Records (Bristol/London) in April 2015, and released a super limited edition cassette of their debut s/t album with Tree Machine Records (Bloomington) that same month. The band released their debut album world-wide with Lefse Records (Portland) on February 19, 2016.


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