Let’s Wrestle announce breakup

Let's Wrestle announce breakup, the band will play a Farewell show on July 10th in London.

Let’s Wrestle have announced that they will be playing their last ever gig at London’s legendary 100 Club on 10 July 2015. This marks the end of their 7 year history as a band, a year after the release of their self-titled third album on Fortuna POP! The band will play their final show July 10th at 100 Club in London With support from Grimm Grimm + Meilyr Jones (Race Horses).

Named by Lawrence (Felt, Denim) after a book by David Shrigley, Let’s Wrestle were formed by Wesley Patrick Gonzalez on guitar and vocals with Darkus Bishop on drums and Mike Lightning on bass when they were in their teens, recording two albums of delightfully raucous punk rock, In the Court of the Wrestling Lets (2009) and Nursing Home (produced by Steve Albini in 2011), with that line-up. Following the departure of Mike Lightening the band recorded a third album with Sam Pillay of Virginia Wing on bass, a more sedate affair that showcased Gonzalez’ songwriting talents and love of classic pop.

Frontman Wesley Patrick Gonzalez has released a statement:

“It’s over, not in a bad way but in a good way. I feel myself and the rest of the bands’ formative years were documented pretty accurately by the records we released, which i’m very happy still sound alright. I’m very excited to be doing one last show with my two oldest friends and to put a nail in the coffin of our teenage escapades. I’m very proud of what we did achieve and will be able to remember fondly, rather than thinking back with anger and I’m very grateful for that.

I feel that it’s important that we end with Me, Darkus Bishop and Mike Lightning, as that’s always how I remember Let’s Wrestle – even though we carried on without Mike and made another album that I’m very proud of. It’s the teenage fuckery of the three of us, in a Volvo estate, pissing on windows that I remember and cherish.

Without this band I wouldn’t have ever experienced; scary gun nuts in America, driving through Cardiff city central with Darkus surfing on top of the car (until the Cardiff police arrested us all), trying to steal 188 cans of Stella Artois in a Sainsburys and failing, or meeting Bill Murray – and that’s pretty good!

We started a band to do something that sounded like Swell Maps, but I’m glad it doesn’t and I’m glad it sounds like Let’s Wrestle, as stupid and naive as we were, and make whatever records we felt like making at the time.

There are also so many other people to thank especially everyone who played in later lineups and people who really championed us within labels, management, other bands, magazines and radio but they all know who they are.

I’d mainly like to thank anybody who listened to the records or came to shows. I hope you enjoyed it.

See ya!”

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