“Fat Cat” Walking Bicycles

Walking Bicycles have shared their single “Fat Cat”, a song about the haves vs have nots of the world. The track is off their forthcoming release 'Chooch'
"Fat Cat" by Walking Bicycles

The title of Walking Bicycles’ forthcoming release is Chooch. A chooch is a slang term for an idiot, jackass and the like… on Chooch (their fifth full-length), Walking Bicycles use a series of vignettes to highlight the various chooches of the world: the jackasses, the idiots, and every person in between who continues to abuse their power and act inappropriately. So far, they’ve shared the album’s lead single “Fat Cat”, a song about the haves vs have nots of the world.

Walking Bicycles is fronted by vocalist Jocelyn Summers, their new album was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio over the course of the past few years since To Him That Wills The Way came out, which was a powerful album that recounted the 3-year prison incarceration of their guitarist Julius Moriarty for possessing a large quantity of weed, and the subsequent separation from Jocelyn (his partner). Whereas that album was more narrative-driven, Chooch is a record that confronts familiar annoyances with the most freeing, middle finger-up act of defiance. Whether it’s calling out the conservative Fountainhead movement circling back in “Dumbshit Never Learns” or the eternal devastation of waiting for the man to stop controlling life on “Fat Cat,” Chooch is a phenomenal album from Walking Bicycles that’s well worth the five year wait.

Walking Bicycles get in the DIY community comes from 15 years of hard work, and a refusal to settle for anything less than what feels right.