Kyson Announces ‘A Book Of Flying’ LP

Kyson Announces 'A Book Of Flying' LP, releases first single "You"

‘A Book Of Flying’ marks Kyson’s return to Friends of Friends and the follow-up to 2013’s ‘The Water’s Way’. Eleven roomy, beatific songs are rounded around Kyson’s delicate vocal work, the album updating classic folk tropes with modern verve. Composed entirely by Kyson, the album is a sort of grown up bedroom album, full of contemplative instrumentation and songwriting that tugs at intrinsically human heartstrings. Whereas Kyson’s music has touched on the dancefloor in the past, ‘A Book Of Flying’ gives in entirely to his inward-looking proclivities and the result is his most complete work to date, a work of contemporary folk that paints a fluid picture of Kyson the artist. The full album releases on April 1st but you can stream the first two singles “You” and “A Song About The Future” right now.

Kyson Announces 'A Book Of Flying' LP, releases first single "You". The album 'A Book Of Flying'

01. As The Mind It Changes
02. Flightless
03. Thank You For Everything Part II
04. You
05. Latvia
06. Pictures
07. A Song About The Future
08. Nice Circle
09. Black Dreaming
10. To Fight Without Sabotage
11. Outro / If Our Love Was A Movie