“Not Ideal” By Afternoon Bike Ride

Afternoon Bike Ride have shared their new dual single “When We Were The Same (feat. Oyeme)/Not Ideal.” Both songs follow the announcement of their anticipated sophomore album, glossover and blissful lead-single, “For The Breakdowns”. glossover will be released February 10, 2023 via Friends of Friends.

Afternoon Bike Ride member Lia Kurihara on “Not Ideal”:

“Not Ideal”: “This speaks on how I’m trying my best to figure stuff out along the way and taking caregiving day by day because that’s all I can do. These lyrics were a big collaborative effort between Genevieve Ryan-Martel and I with David and Eloi pitching in as well, all of us were able to inform the lyrics since we were hanging out so closely with my dad while at the chalet.

This one started from a jam session at the cabin with Geneviève. Gen started playing a really lovely drum groove and everything came together very fast afterwards with David and Gen playing guitar and bass and Éloi running the session. Everyone added a thick chorus of vocals at the end of the song to thicken and give the proper weight to the song we felt it needed.”

Afternoon Bike Ride
Friends Of Friends Records
Track List

1. Musubi
2. For The Breakdowns
3. Summertime
4. Before We Don’t Have Time
5. Nothing In Particular
6. Glossover (feat. Lowswimmer)
7. Ensemble Mais Perdu (feat. Robert Robert)
8. Bois Dormant
9. When We Were The Same (feat. Oyeme)
10. A Thousand Pounds
11. Not Ideal
12. All On Me
13. Good Company
14. Tom’s Song

Afternoon Bike Ride includes Lia Kurihara (vocals, guitar, programming), David Tanton (vocals, guitar, drums, programming), and Éloi Le Blanc-Ringuette (vocals, keys, drums, programming),


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