KINO KIMINO Announce Debut LP

KINO KIMINO Announce Debut album 'Bait Is for Sissies,

Kino Kimino is the brainchild of Kim Talon, who landed in New York City from Manitoba, headed across the river to Hoboken and plugged in with Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth to throw down her debut album Bait Is for Sissies. With John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr., Hop Along) at the helm of production, Bait Is for Sissies was recorded at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio, and will be released internationally on June 3rd via My Favourite Chords.

“The songs on Bait Is for Sissies explore betrayal, violence and the feeling of being an outsider, a dramatized response to the end of a romantic relationship that was founded on deceit. Music was Talon’s catharsis and the album can be likened to an emotional exorcism. She sings with preternatural self-assurance as she steers her voice through choppy swells of jagged guitar and patches of discord. She is defiant over racing, distorted guitar licks on “Rosy Rudiger” and wounded on the brooding “Caste Out.” Album opener “Passion” tears the record open with Talon’s clear, pretty voice opposed to a knotty mix of guitars and staccato drums.”

Talon has toured with pop maven Sia and played with Deerhoof and Blake Schwarzenbach of ’90s Jawbreaker. She’s recorded with the comic Reggie Watts, and also with Bob Dylan collaborator David Mansfield, who contributed pedal steel guitar to Bait Is for Sissies