Khushi Shares Video For “Like A City”

Khushi Shares Video For "Like A City"
Khushi "Lake City" video

Singer/songwriter/producer Khushi has released a new music video for “Like A City.” The video was filmed in Los Angeles and was directed by Erik Rojas. The track is the latest off Strange Seasons, Khushi’s debut album, due out January 24, via Warner Records. The video follows the premiere of Khushi’s friend and collaborator James Blake’s remix of “This Is, Pt. 1,” as well as previous album tracks “From Me” and “Freedom Falls.”

Khushi on the Video for “Like A City:”

“Los Angeles felt like the perfect place to reflect the chorus line ‘like a city drowning in its own possibilities.’” We wanted to convey the passing of a full day so we were up shooting at dawn in the beautiful Trebek Open Space and ended in downtown at sunset. We wanted this sped up passing of time to emphasize the sometimes overwhelming possibilities in a big city and in turn the endless possibilities in ourselves.”

Khushi recorded and produced Strange Seasons in a shed in east London over the past six years, pulling from more than a decade of songs and demos. Though Khushi originally released music under his own name in the early years of this decade, he took a several-year break to work on other music before returning to this deeply personal project, isolating himself in the shed to find his purest creative expressions. Toward the end of the process, Khushi was introduced to James Blake, who fell in love with the album and offered to mix it. This in turn led to Blake asking Khushi to contribute to his acclaimed album Assume Form, and to join him on his recent North American and U.K. tours as support.