“Get Buff” Shady Nasty

Australian punk trio Shady Nasty have signed to Royal Mountain Records (worldwide excluding Australasia) and Inertia Music (Australasia excluding Japan). Along with the news, the band will release their new EP, Bad Posture on February 21st. Shady Nasty will be playing at both SXSW and New Colossus Festival in support of the release.

“We feel disconnected within our music scene. We sound different to every band here, but at the same time, we write about our life and our experiences, so in a way it is Sydney-based,” muses Kevin Stathis, vocalist and guitarist. “We live in a globalized world, we can see what’s going on in the United States and the UK, but we view it through a different lens,” continues drummer Luca Watson. “We want to reinvent it. There’s a legacy of Australian rock bands who thrive on the local, idiosyncratic reference stuff, but I am not interested in extending that legacy. I want to do something different.”

Inspired by the likes of Show Me The Body, King Krule, Iceage, Low Life and Mount Kimbie, Shady Nasty play an energetic and weirdo breed of punk that skirts the boundaries of the genre. With backgrounds in jazz and classical music, Shady Nasty subvert expectations. As Watson explains, “We have all had musical training. Haydn [Green, bass], Kev and I have been playing our instruments for a long time and played in jazz bands and shit like that. The problem with all of that music for me, though, is that it has no cultural resonance. As much as I like jazz, it doesn’t describe my life.” What, then, might describe Shady Nasty’s lives? Modding cars. Chinese heritage. Making ends meet.

On “Get Buff”, Stathis addresses his heritage with a swaggering, confident spoken-word delivery, tackling the expectations and pressures placed upon him by his parents, even sampling genuine voice recordings of his mother lecturing him about his insistence on modding cars – a constant tension in their relationship that led to Stathis being kicked out of his family home. “Jewellery” is an ode to Stathis’ gold Volvo 240 which lay at the core of his familial strains. It explores the liberation and ecstasy he finds in car modification and drifting.

Shady Nasty
Bad Posture

1. Jewellery
2. Get Buff
3. AA
4. 77SUNK

Shady Nasty
Tour dates

March 11th – New Colossus Festival – New York, NY
March 16th – SXSW – Austin, TX