Chris Devoe Collaborates With Adult Swim

Adult Swim have just released a new album by Atlanta-based producer Chris Devoe
Chris Devoe collaborates with Adult Swim

Adult Swim have just released a new album by Atlanta-based producer Chris Devoe, entitled With The Moon, expounds on Devoe’s beats, that echoes with nostalgia, love, loss, and family. The album’s long list of guest collaborators stands as a testament to his creative agility, including contributions from fellow Atlanta and New York-based artists including Prefuse 73, Helado Negro, Zano Bathroom, pumashock, Kara Strauss, Ben Davis, Nate Sadler, and Ryan Rasheed.

Devoe, is a creator, from live performance and studio recordings to side projects and collaborations. A self-taught musician, Devoe has developed a knowledge of acoustic instrumentation and digital production technique that imbues organic texture to his distinctive, experimental style- rooted in classic jazz LPs and soul 45s, shaped by a lifelong pursuit of diverse music and art, and driven by an appetite for exploration. As a veteran DJ, he bridges the underground hip-hop, indie, and experimental camps of the Atlanta music scene and beyond via international tours for the music label Arepaz/BetaBodega Coalition (who released a collection of his several of his EPs).

Chris Devoe
With The Moon
Track Listing

1. Preliminary
2. Closeness – Featuring Pumashock
3. See Hue – Featuring Helado Negro
4. Jonzin – Featuring Leb Laze
5. Fernandina to Reynisfjara – Featuring Kara Strauss
6 Face To Face
7. Adrift
8. Disappear
9. Grains of Salt
10. Mystic Depths of the Mundane Clapback – Featuring Zano, Leb Laze and Ben Davis
11. The Placebo Effect – Featuring Ben Davis
12. Black Sands
13. VHA
14 Scenic Route
15. We Say – Featuring Zano and DT
16. Tourists
17. Return Home – Featuring Pumashock
18. Closeness (Proxemics mix) – Prefuse 73
19. Tourists (Excursions mix) – Prefuse 73