Helado Negro Shares “I Just Want To Wake Up With You”

Helado Negro has shared "I Just Wanna Wake Up Next To You" from his forthcoming album PHASOR, available February 9th via 4AD
Helado Negro photo by Sadie Culberson

Helado Negro AKA: Roberto Carlos Lange has shared another song from his forthcoming album PHASOR, available February 9th via 4AD. “I Just Want To Wake Up With You” is a love song, an ode to domestic life, and to comfort and health. As the title suggests, it’s about waking up with the one you love, resting your voice in their arms. The song is accompanied by a joyously psychotropic official video directed by Lange.

Helado Negro will head on an extensive tour of America and Europe, starting on album release day February 9, 2024 in Atlanta, which includes the newly announced London headline show at Scala on March 7, 2024.

“I Just Want To Wake Up With You” follows the Spanish language single ‘LFO’, a song written in tribute to both Fender amp-builder Lupe Lopez and minimalist composer and sonic meditation practitioner Pauline Oliveros (LFO means Lupe Finds Olivero).

Some of the seeds for PHASOR were planted in 2019 on Lange’s 39th birthday after a 5-hour visit to Salvatore Matirano’s SAL MAR machine at the University of Illinois. A complex synthesizer that creates music generatively with a vintage super computer brain and analogue oscillators, it can create an infinite amount of possibilities in sound sequences. The SAL MAR experience became the bedrock for PHASOR. It taught Lange more about himself and became central to his creative process.

Heldo Negro’s 2021 album, Far In, focused on being in quarantine—talking to your mother through Zoom instead of across a room. PHASOR, in turn, is a homage to going outside again. It’s a returning-to-life record, remembering what the sun feels like and letting it warm your skin.

After Far In, Lange relocated to Asheville, North Carolina and the landscape around him was essential to PHASOR —the crystalline mountains dotted with mica, wild blueberry bushes, and inky dirt surface constantly. He made the collection at his studio, across the hall from the studio of his wife, his frequent collaborator Kristi Sword, who created the album art drawings for PHASOR.

Helado Negro

1. LFO
2. I Just Want to Wake Up With You
3. Best For You and Me
4. Colores Del Mar
5. Echo Tricks Me
6. Out There
7. Flores
8. Wish You Could Be Here
9. Es Una Fantasia

Helado Negro 2024 Tour Dates

29 October – VIGO, SPAIN, Radar Estudios
30 October – MADRID, SPAIN, Sala Mon Live
31 October – SEVILLE, SPAIN, Sala X
1 November – MALAGA, SPAIN, Sala Paris 15
2 November – ALICANTE, SPAIN, Aula de Cultura de Alicante
3 November – VALENCIA, SPAIN, La Rambleta
4 November – BARCELONA, SPAIN, Sala WOLF
5 November – ZARAGOZA, SPAIN, Las Armas
8 November – PARIS, FRANCE, Pitchfork Festival
9 November – LONDON, UK, Pitchfork Festival, Hackney Church
10 November – MILAN, ITALY, Circolo Magnolia
9 February – ATLANTA, GA, USA, The masquerade
10 February – ORLANDO, FL, USA, The Social
12 February – HOUSTON, TX, USA, White Oak Music Hall
13 February – AUSTIN, TX, USA, Empire Control Room & Garage
14 February – FORT WORTH, TX, USA, Tulips
17 February – PHOENIX, AZ, USA, Crescent Ballroom
18 February – PIONEERTOWN, CA, USA, Pappy and Harriet’s
19 February – SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, Music Box
21 February – LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, The Belasco
22 February – SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, August Hall
23 February – SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, Harlow’s
25 February – SEATTLE, WA, USA, Neptune Theatre
26 February – PORTLAND, OR, USA, Revolution Hall
29 February – TALLINN, ESTONIA, Paavli Kultuurivabrik
1 March – CĒSIS, LATVIA, Cēsis Concert Hall
2 March – VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, Kablys
5 March – BERLIN, GERMANY, Hole44
6 March – WARSAW, POLAND, Jassmine
7 March – LONDON, UK, Scala
9 March – LUXEMBOURG, Kulturfabrik
12 March – BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, Botanique
21 April – ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, Eulogy
22 April – CHAPEL HILL, NC, USA, Cats Cradle
23 April – WASHINGTON, DC, USA, The Atlantis
24 April – NEW YORK, NY, USA, Webster Hall
26 April – BOSTON, MA, USA, Sinclair
28 April – PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, Underground Arts
30 April – CHICAGO, IL, USA, Thalia Hall
1 May – MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, Turf Club
3 May – DENVER, CO, USA, Globe Hall
4 May – SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA, The Urban Lounge

Pre-order PHASOR by Helado Negro HERE


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