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Echoes Like Memories


BOYO, the brain child of Rob Tilden out of Los Angeles, Caifornia, along with his creative partner and live touring member, Hudson Buckley, took three weeks to make their latest dance-rock record, Echoes Like Memories, and it’s one banger after another. It comes after Tilden scrapped a whole melancholy, emo-ish album he was working on for these more danceable tunes, and was born out of a sold out tour, a romantic break up, and a case of kidney stones. Like he sings in the Rat A Tat influenced song, “Routines,” (a lot of their songs remind me of Rat A Tat, when it’s not Helado Negro or Peter Bjorn and John, all hit makers in their own rights), “You’re a working machine / you’re on your routine.”

The lyrics at time, seem to be just pulled from the air, though they’re clever and insightful, nonetheless: “Everyone moved to New York, they tried to change their hair / Everyone move to New York, we’ll make it anywhere.” When he’s not singing about his condition of being alone once again, (“I’m a replica but I’m built to be alone,”) or feeling too young to be losing his mind, (“I’m not old enough, I’m not old enough / To lose my mind, to lose my mind,”) the lyrics simply act as the vehicle for you to move your hips and arms and head to. The songs are electric, songs that plug you in like a Hybrid vehicle, something to recharge your battery and get you moving to the places that you want to go. Increase your heart tank, like in Zelda.

There is nostalgia for better times, like on the album opener, “Way Back Machine.” There are songs about the city, the places he both plays his high energy shows in and finds himself residing. “It’s hard to move to the city with no friends.” You get the feel, throughout the album, that this guy just loves music and has got something akin to a green thumb (a flourescent heart?), that can just crank out songs to soundtrack our good, if sometimes heartbroken, times. Though it meant bouts of insomnia, in the process.

It’s hard to pick a favorite on the album, and though each song is a new idea, with a new bass or guitar line to make you groove, all the songs fit well together as an album. Like a Rat A Tat record, each of the songs picks up the heart and dances it around, with the perfect choice of vocal melodies and instrumental notes. A little bit of variety, but mostly a similitude of sound, throughout. As the title of the record suggests, these songs act as both “echoes” and both induce and create “memories.” This album does one of the things music was created for, since the beginning of time, and transports. I’d like to hear his emo album, to be honest. But these songs have emotions for miles.

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