“Elektro” By Petite Amie

Mexico City band Petite Amie is comprised of Carlos Medina, (guitar) Aline Terrein (vocals), Isabel Dosal (vocals), Santiago Fernández (bass), and Jacobo Velazquez (guitar) they release their self-titled debut album on October 1, 2021 via Park The Van/Devil In The Woods.

“Petite Amie is motivated by an existential angst generated by the search for the “self” in an increasingly impersonal world, where the line between what’s real and what’s virtual crystallizes. In this sense, Petite Amie’s music fluctuates between different genres, based on psychedelic pop-rock.” Their main influences include classics like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and newer sounds such as Big Thief,, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and more.

Petite Amie
Petite Amie
Park The Van/Devil In The Woods

1. Vraiment
2. El Delirio
3. Refugio
4. C’est Pas Moi
5. Desastre
6. Interludio
7. Elektro
8. Sumérgete
9. Post Punk
10. Reviens
11. Adiós

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