“You Were Right” by Carey

“You Were Right” by Carey is Northern Transmission's 'Song of the Day'.

East Nashville power-pop trio Carey just announced their debut self-titled EP, out March 11th via Old Flame Records (Potty Mouth, Cloud Nothings, Ski Lodge). Recorded to tape, the EP layers tight, hooky melodies over fuzzy guitar riffs. Today, the band has premiered the first single “You Were Right,”

Influenced by Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, and fellow Nashvillians Bully, Carey identifies themself as “Carport Rock.” “We wanted to avoid making music that felt pretentious or not-inclusive,” frontman Bryan Davidson explains. “I wanted the songs to feel relatable and tried to find a balance between fuzzy, upbeat power-pop music and some of the more serious lyrical ideas. The idea of ‘Carport Rock’ came from us realizing our music didn’t really fit in with the sweaty, dude-rock world of garage rock.”

The Carey EP was self-recorded by the band in an East Nashville house that the members shared. “We knew from the beginning that we wanted the music to have a fuzzy, home-spun kind of warmth, so we wanted to track everything we could straight to tape to help give it that kind of vibe” explains Davidson. The band’s bassist Daniel Green took the role of audio engineer, and equipped a spare bedroom with a 70s tape machine and mixing board to serve as the control room. The band set up drums and amps in their living room to serve as the live room. Originally joining the band to play guitar, Casey Benefield taught himself to play the drums during recording and tracked all the drums himself.

“The lease for our house was up on July 31st, so we had a hard deadline to finish the recordings,” says Davidson. “I didn’t even finish writing ‘You Were Right’ until the middle of July, and we were working on the songs until the day we moved out. We had literally moved out of every room in the house except the control room and dining room because we were overdubbing and mixing until the day we moved out.”

Carey’s debut EP is out March 11th via Old Flame Records.


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