yndi halda returns with new track

yndi halda stream "Golden Threads From The Sun", the track comes of the band's forthcoming release

yndi halda have premiered an excerpt from their forthcoming release Under Summer. The excerpt comes from the track “Golden Threads” From The Sun’.

“‘Golden Threads From The Sun’ is a fluid, rolling piece which is carried along before crashing into life at its mid-way point, as the band have always done best. As the track tails off into the rest of its fifteen minute running time, a lot is still left to be revealed about Under Summer, but this first preview shows no change in ambition after eight years away: they’re still shooting for the stars.”

The new album is due out on the March 4, 2016 via Big Scary Monsters in the UK/EU and Burnt Toast Vinyl in the US, and follows their LP Enjoy Eternal Bliss, which was released in 2007.

Eight-years on from Enjoy Eternal Bliss Brighton based quintet yndi halda are now preparing to release their new album, Under Summer. Having toured across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, including shows at London’s Barbican Hall, Koko and Union Chapel venues.

Speaking about writing the new album, James Vella (guitar, vocals) said “We called the album Under Summer. It is two references. For us at least. Inevitably it will mean something different to everyone who hears the album. But for us it is the very upper limit of the sky under which we wrote and recorded the album. The endless July days that we played into, a perfect calm and joy. But it’s also a sadness. ‘Under’ as in ‘beneath’; sorrow and heartache. We found that important because we want to express that in our music too. Sadness and bliss. What one means to the other.”

yndi halda
Under Summer
(Burnt Toast Vinyl / Big Scary Monsters)
Street Date: March 4, 2016

Track List:
1. Together Those Leaves
2. Golden Threads From The Sun
3. Helena
4. This Very Flight