“Write My Name” School of X (Trentemøller Rework)

“Write My Name” School of X (Trentemøller Rework) is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day,'
“Write My Name” School of X (Trentemøller Rework)

Danish artist Rasmus Littauer aka School of X released his new EP Destiny via TAMBOURHINOCEROS. This January sees the release of the EP Interpretations of Destiny where fellow artists offer their take on the songs from Destiny. Trentemøller has created a dark and radical interpretation of “Write My Name.”

Anders Trentemøller on release:

“Rasmus and I have been toying with the idea of working together for a while, so I didn’t hesitate to accept when he offered the chance of interpreting his gorgeous song “Write My Name”. I instantly knew that I wanted to approach the rework in a pretty drastic way using only the vocals from the original, I wanted to compose an entirely new musical setting around it. My focus was to put together new chord progressions around the melody and a production that supported Rasmus’ vocals in a new way. I ended up creating something that’s almost a new song in itself from the inspiration I got from the vocals. It was a very exciting and rewarding project to do”.

Trentemøller’s version of “Write My Name” draws the listener into a dramatic and obscure universe. The timing of the vocals and the musical arrangement appear to be at odds with each other until the polyrhythmic structure slowly falls into place and unites the music and vocals.

Rasmus Littauer about working with Trentemøller:

“In my opinion Trentemøller is one of the most visionary and versatile producers in the world. I’ve been following him for over a decade and to have him do a rework of one of my songs goes beyond my wildest dreams. AND for the remix to be THIS remix is just ridiculous. I really think he’s created something very special out of this song.”

“Write My Name (Trentemøller Rework)” is taken from an EP due for release on Jan 17, 2020 where the following like-minded artists reinterprets the beautiful songs from School of X recent record Destiny: Trentemøller, Vera, Yangze, Varnrable, M.K. Frøslev, Spencer Zahn og Princess Waterfall.

School of X
Interpretations of Destiny

Loose Ends (Yangze Rainmix)
Write My Name (Trentemøller Rework)
Destiny (Interpretation by M.K. Frøslev)
Mi Sueño Favorito (Variation by Vera)
Rodeo (Interpretaion by Soleima)
Destiny (Interpretation by Princess Waterfall)
Loose Ends (Varnrable Remix)
Destiny (Spencer Zahn Remix)

School of X
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