“Bird Of Passage” By Communions

Danish band, Communions have announced their new LP Pure Fabrication, is due out on April 23, via Tambourhinoceros.

“Bird of Passage is about the kind of identity crisis that emerges as a natural consequence of life’s variability; of the fact that one’s self is constantly changing, never the same from one day to the next,” explains the band. “The video tries to capture this visually by showing Mads walking through an endless series of opening doors, with no way of turning back. The concept of the video is about moving through different phases of life. In the video, like the song, memory plays a role. The video utilizes a split screen, highlighting the theme of a split identity; Mads and Martin are split up by the screen, but ultimately together in their childhood memories.”

After six years, three EPs, one album, countless shows and festivals across the globe, Communions is now led by Rehof brothers: Martin (vocals and guitar) and Mads (Bass) with “Splendour” still featuring the contributions of ex-bandmates Jacob van Deurs Formann (guitar) and Frederik Lind Köppen (drums). Fate, freedom, culture, love and identity are on trial in Pure Fabrication, as Communions question themselves and their world on this masterful sophomore album.

Pure Fabrication draws upon brothers Martin and Mads Rehof’s personal experience as much as it does from a collage of myths. The Danish brothers spent over a decade of their childhood and early teens in Seattle, only to move back to Copenhagen in the midst of their formative years. While Pure Fabrication is partly a bid at finding their place and self-understanding through the lens of stories and myths—a keen listener can spot traces of Goethe’s Faust, Shakespear’s Lear, Homer’s Sirens, and the Norse fate-holding Norns—at its core, it is something more: a meta-narrative on the human condition.

Pure Fabrication

1. Bird Of Passage
2. Humdrum
3. Cupid
4. My Little Planet
5. Learn To Pray
6. Signs Of Life
7. Splendour
8. History (The Siren Song)
9. Blunder In The Street
10. Is This How Love Should Feel?
11. Hymn
12. Androgyny
13. Here And Now
14. Celebration
15. The Gift Of Music