“We Look Good Together (Big Words)” By Courting

Courting have shared a new single titled “We Look Good Together (Big Words)”, which features guest production work from London electronic duo DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ. The track follows the Liverpool, England’s return with details of their forthcoming album New Last Name, which was recorded in collaboration with indie heroes Gary and Ryan Jarman of The Cribs, who worked closely with the band on production duties for a number of tracks. The album is due for release on January 26 via Lower Third.

New Last Name is an album as adventurous thematically as it is sonically – but as its title suggests, it hints at new beginnings. “It’s a theatrical play within an album,” explains frontman Sean Murphy O’Neill. “There’s a lot going on. It can be simply enjoyed as an album, but there are characters, acts, stage directions etc. The listeners can decide on the narrative themselves, but we want them to get lost in it.”

Recent single “Throw”, and “Emily G”, bookend the first half of the album. Whilst the former serves as a prelude, the new single “We Look Good Together (Big Words)”, marks the opening of the performance, and sees the band continue to develop their steadily maturing, explorative sound with funk-pop guitar lines and love song inspired lyrics.

Going on to speak about the single, Murphy O’Neill says, “‘We Look Good Together’ is a love song, plain and simple. It’s the opening part of the main theatrical narrative of ‘New Last Name’. Titles fall, the scene is set, and the band starts to play.”

New Last Name
Lower Third

1. Throw
2. We Look Good Together (Big Words)
3. The Hills
4. Flex
5. Emily G
6. Babys
7. The Wedding
8. Happy Endings
9. America

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