“Village Mentality” by TV Death

"Village Mentality" by TV Death is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
TV Death Photo by Rhiannon Banks

Combining punk with psychedelic ideals, Newcastle’s TV Death are back with their first single “Village Mentality” from their upcoming EP The God, The One and The Devil. The single, which comes out 27th September 2023, is accompanied by a music video which is the third chapter of the overarching story put together by all videos from the EP. The EP – The God, The One and The Devil is set to release on the 24th November 2023.

TV Death have emerged onto the UK scene, transmitting a potent brand of garage rock, with dark lyrics delivered with a distinctly sharp abrasiveness. ‘Village Mentality’ describes the influence of news cycles on the public’s opinion, painting select groups of people as the root of their problems, scapegoating societal groups and distracting their audiences from the real cause. The track is a combination of post punk and horror pop, comparable to The Damned or The Horrors’ debut album ‘Strange House’- making it the perfect soundtrack to lead us into the Halloween season.

On the track they said, “Village Mentality’s character embodies the mindset to blindly believe everything you see in the media. During the time of writing it, many newspapers were blaming the issues of the country on immigration. There was a growing unrest toward minority groups in some circles and in some small towns, which heavily inspired the premise. The song’s story follows one of these hateful news cycles as the villagers wake up to eagerly point their finger after seeing the headlines. Written on the bass, the song needed a bouncing progression to lie underneath it, as more and more instruments joined in just like the mob, before ripping into the main riff and chase.”


13th October | Bristol, The Thunderbolt
14th October | Cambridge, The Blue Moon
16th October | London, The Old Blue Last
18th October | Stockton On Tees, The Green Room
19th October | North Shields, The Engine Room
20th October | Glasgow, The Flying Duck

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