Love, Hate, Music box by Rainbow Kitten Surprise album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions


Love, Hate, Music box

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Rainbow Kitten Surprise has unveiled their latest offering with “Love, Hate, Music Box”. With a slew of older tracks gaining traction on social media, expectations ran high for this release. However, the album falls short of replicating that same buzz.

In its hefty 22-track span, there are moments of brilliance. “Sickset” and “Hot Pink Ice Cube” stand out as immediate favorites. The former, with its signature Rainbow Kitten Surprise sound, hooks you in from the get-go, inviting you to delve into its lyrics and belt out its infectious chorus. Meanwhile, “Hot Pink Ice Cube” delivers a punchy anthem with a playful interplay midway through.

Yet, despite these highlights, the album suffers from bloat. Tracks like “John Woo” and “Re-Entry” feel like filler, contributing little to the overall narrative. Moreover, the lack of diversity in sound across the album becomes apparent, with songs blending together without respite, resulting in a draining experience that stretches the album’s duration.

There are bright spots, however, as the band ventures into new territories, embracing synths to infuse a retro charm into their modern sound palette. It’s a refreshing departure that adds a layer of vibrancy to the album, setting it apart from the pack.

Ultimately, “Love, Hate, Music Box” presents a mixed bag. While it may not reach the heights of the band’s best work, there’s potential for it to grow on listeners over time. With some pruning, the album could have packed a stronger punch. For now, it’s a journey of highs and lows, with the hope that repeated listens will unveil hidden gems and breathe life into its less memorable moments.


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