Vic Mensa Reveals New Track By 93PUNX

93PUNX shares new single "It's A Bad Dream"
Photo by Amanda Demme

Vic Mensa, recently announced the debut project by his band 93PUNX, a new outlet for the rapper/singer/activist to experiment with many of his main influences. The fourteen song was produced by Travis Barker and features Tom Morello, Good Charlotte, Francis and the Lights, H.R. (Bad Brains), and Loko Wit Da Mask. The full-length comes out August 23 via Roc Nation/Republic. Ahead of the release, the band have shared new single “It’s a Bad Dream (ft. Good Charlotte)”.

The group’s anthemic fusion of alternative rock, rap, and punk acts as a musical backdrop to the most politically incisive lyrics of Mensa’s career. 93PUNX’s debut video “Camp America” was a pointed critique of ICE director Matthew Albence’s comments comparing their family detention centers to summer camps. The video portrayed white kids reenacting detention center scenarios as a scathing critique of the inherent racism of the current administration’s family separation policy. It drew immediate condemnation across right wing media and led Guardian to speculate that it might be “the most political music video of the year.” It was followed by the equally provocative “3 Years Sober” video, a strong statement about identity that incorporated visual homages to To Wong Foo With Love…, Twin Peaks, John Waters, and more, including a hallucinatory sequence where Vic, in a Confederate flag dress, plays tug-of-war over birth control with Mike Pence.


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