Vegyn Shares Two New Videos

Vegyn Shares Two New Videos for "Blue Verb" and "Cowboy ALLSTAR"
Vegyn "Blue Verb" and "Cowboy ALLSTAR"

The key to Vegyn’s music is that it doesn’t take anything – not even its own melancholia – seriously. The 25-year-old south London-based producer describes it himself as a mixture between “sadness and optimism…It’s not like happy being sad, but happy to have been sad.” From running and creating his own label PLZ Make It Ruins to collaborating with Frank Ocean on Endless, Blonde.

Recently, Vegyn shared two new videos, “Blue Verb” and “Cowboy ALLSTAR.” The grain-heavy videos, both directed by Joshua Gordon, live in the same realm but take on their own route. “Blue Verb” focuses on a pair of street dancers, documenting them as they move to the song’s complex yet steady glitched-out percussion.

“Cowboy ALLSTAR” begins more spacious, creating otherworldly textures and quietly euphoric moments before snapping into a whirlwind of drums. The perfect backdrop for the visual’s protagonist, a Michael Jackson impersonator, to shine a spotlight on his own dance skills in suitably surreal fashion.

The videos follow Vegyn’s 71-track mixtape, “Text While Driving If You Want To Meet God,” doubling down on the unique world he created. A wide spectrum of mesmerizing sounds and sonics that can inspire swathes of emotion, or lightning fast footwork in the blink of an eye.


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