"Tnt" by NAYANA IZ, is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Tnt" by NAYANA IZ

NAYANA IZ, one of the UK’s most explosive new talents, has shared new track “TNT”, which is taken from her forthcoming debut EP Smoke & Fly that is due out 6/26 on Different Recordings. Alongside the track, she has also shared its video, which was directed by emerging creative duo Ethan & Tom (Flohio, The Murder Capital).

NAYANA IZ is 19-year-old Londoner is now gearing up for the release of her debut EP Smoke & Fly. Self-proclaimed to be born in London but made in India, Nayana’s music and spirit is an amalgamation of those two cultures. Growing up in North London, her musical education was a melting pot of everything from jazz, pop and indie through to hip-hop and soul. As soon as she could start creating her own music, Nayana knew she wanted to mix the spirit of Indian language and dance (she is currently learning Hindi as well as classical Indian dance) in with all of the different music she had been raised on and empower young girls (particularly from her native land) to find their own authentic voice and too express themselves.

“’TNT’ is about those people in disguise, undercover friends and acquaintances. ‘TNT’ is my message that I see through it all – like an x-ray. It’s named ‘TNT’ because I’m about to go off and confront it all; I’m done playing games and hiding. I live by straight honesty and loyalty now it’s time to surround myself with people alike. The cover is a photo of my grandmother singing and thang-ta dancing when she was my age. At this time in her own life she had a lot of dark things happening in her life which she had just escaped. She still held her soul and this photo is the epitome of pureness to me – a place where I hope to be one day.”