“Tired of Being Broke” by Killen

Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day' "Tired of Being Broke" by Killen

KILLEN, is the new project from Jack Killen (ex-frontman of the Brooklyn party band WORKOUT), recently released the single “Tired of Being Broke”. The track is off his forthcoming release Black Sneakers On Concrete EP.

KILLEN’s EP was produced by former Passion Pit member Ayad Al Adhamy, and will be coming out February 9th via Axis Mundi Records (also home to The Fluids, Is Tropical, Psymon Spine & more), following the release of his Dangerous Lunch Crowd EP (Spotify) that came out last year and spawned the video for “Renegade”. KILLEN’s music is comprised of muscular riffs that flex with the strength of classic rock bands (drawing diverse comparisons to everyone from 80’s-era Leonard Cohen to Springsteen to Bowie to Meat Loaf), as smoldering synths sustain memories of music made with madcap joy. These are storylines we’ve all lived, shaded grey and blood red with pulpy glory. They’re parables from the edge, populated by perps, detectives and stubbed out cigarettes.


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