“Hard To Please” SPELLLING

SPELLLING is thrilled to announce the release of her forthcoming 7”, “Hard To Please” b/w “My Other Voice”, out August 3rd on Sacred Bones. Today, SPELLLING shares the single’s A-side, a track which presents as dance music but journeys through a swirling climax to something more spiritual. The video, produced by Laneya Billingsley (aka Billie0cean), sets out to “animate the fantasies of the heart high on desire,” according to SPELLLING. “The video builds a landscape infected by overwhelming passion for an unrequited love.”

SPELLLING began experimenting with music production in 2015 in an effort to carry on the creative legacy of a lost loved one. She released her first full-length, Pantheon of Me, in September 2017. It was written, performed and produced by SPELLLING in her apartment in Berkeley, California. Drawing heavily from messages in her dreams, her sound spirals through clarity and obscurity searching through landscapes of psychic space. The result is a divine soul music, soft in its restraint but heavy with passion.

Her newest tracks “Hard to Please” and “My Other Voice” (a cover of Sparks’ 1979 symphonic disco track) pair together to reflect on bittersweet passions of an obsessive romance. “Hard to Please” swells through the excitement and pain of yearning to please an unsatisfiable lover, with “eyes of winter” but a promising “heart of spring”. “My Other Voice” channels a more sinister state of romantic high, commanding obedience from this aloof lover, “you’re so independent but that’s going to change real soon, with my other voice I can destroy this room”. The sinister tone is juxtaposed with the elated music, grooving celestially along, with SPELLLING’s voice entrancing the listener and destroying the proverbial room. It’s a unique vision, entirely its own.

Sat. Aug. 4 — Oakland, CA @ @ Eli’s Mile High Club w/ Miserable
Thu. Aug. 9 — San Francisco, CA @ McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
Oct. 5 — Arcata, CA @ Lost Coast Fest