Space Above release single ‘Fall Through’

The Naked and Famous' Aaron Short's ' experimental project Space Above releases single "Fall Through"

Following the release of their debut offering, ‘This Is It’, experimental New Zealand trio Space Above have shared their new single, ‘Fall Through’.

Showcasing a more pop-oriented flavour to their self-described ‘space tech’ aesthetic, the track traverses the cosmic with its winding beats and spine-tingling harmonies. Led by L.A.-based vocalist Maddie North, whose solo project So Below demonstrates an equally moody style, ‘Fall Through’ simultaneously maintains the darker edge felt so far in the group’s productions.

New Zealand natives Aaron Short (producer and member of The Naked and Famous) and Sam McCarthy (Strange Babes) founded the collective after meeting in L.A., where they began exploring a deeper, more journey-based electronic sound based on their mutual passion for music that extends the mind and exceeds the 5 minute mark. Fellow Kiwi Maddie’s shared taste for the dark and atmospheric saw her step in as co-writer and female vocalist, and Space Above was born.

Evolving organically by building their original content and slowly developing their sound, the trio began by releasing a handful of remixes and covers, including a version of The Naked and Famous’ ‘A Small Reunion’, which appeared on the deluxe album ‘In Rolling Waves’ last year.

With a full-length album now on the horizon, alongside an exquisite remix of ‘Bridges’ by fellow Kiwi natives BROODS, Space Above are clearly just getting started.