Saya Gray Drops New Single “Annie, Pick a Flower.. (My House)”

Saya Gray Drops New Single "Annie, Pick a Flower.. (My House)"
Saya Grey Photo by Jennifer Cheng

Saya Gray has released her brand new single “ANNIE, PICK A FLOWER.. (MY HOUSE)” a delicate, airy composition containing a myriad of sounds, from tightly clipped bass guitar (Gray’s primary instrument) to the sounds of iPhone notifications chirping. Regarding the track, Gray says,

“‘ANNIE, PICK A FLOWER.. (MY HOUSE)’ was created during a period when I had severe pneumonia, unable to leave my home for weeks. These tracks sonically convey my relationship to technology and the unwanted entrainment, overwhelm and emptiness from lack of substance in relationship, art, and thought stemming from technological advancements.”

Over the course of the last year, Japanese-Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Saya Gray introduced the world to her stunningly detailed music – her fidgety, richly detailed compositions have helped her carve out her own unique space in today’s musical landscape. Having spent a lot of 2023 in periods of intense isolation, she made a welcome return earlier this year with the first chapter of her QWERTY project – a collection of seven songs, each one an atmosphere in and of itself, and an intimate one-off live show in London captured by NTS

To accompany the new track, Saya has also released a further 2 tracks that act as complimentary ‘b-sides’ to the lead single – listen to “?” and “T. T. F. G”

Stream the B-sides HERE.


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