Sacramento Streams Latte-The Italian Breakfast

Sacramento is the solo project of Steve Fileti. Today the singer/songwriter is streaming his new album Latte - The Italian Breakfast
Sacramento Latte - The Italian Breakfast

Sacramento is the solo project of Steve Fileti. The Italian bedroom pop artist enjoys life’s simple pleasures: a croissant in the morning, pizza for dinner, kicking back at the end of the day and putting on his favorite record. His upcoming album, Latte/The Italian Breakfast rejoices in these simple habits and daily routines with an easy breezy summery vibe. The whole album is a hint of the Sicilian heritage Steve Fileti carries with him and delivers to the world on a daily basis. Steve plays, records and mixes in his flat in Milan without taking too much into consideration sophisticated studio equipment. The whole process kicks off and gets wrapped in a small bedroom, in a very genuinely lo-fi mode.

The album includes Luca Bergomi (from Dumbo Gets Mad) on “MAMA” and “A Dinner Out,” adding his typical psychedelic, esoteric touch to the sound. And Chiara D’Anzieri (A.K.A. Chickpee) sings Ron Gallo’s words along with Steve in the ironic lo-funk “Fooding.”

Stefano on “Fooding:”

The message behind the song ‘Fooding’ is that if you’re my guest at my house and I cook for you, you can take and taste as much as you want, I will always provide and share food. And if needed, I can give my portion away. But if we are at the restaurant, there’s no chance I can share my order with anyone. You get to choose what you want to eat and you get your chance to order as much as you want. Me and Chiara A.K.A. “Chickpee” (and Ron Gallo who wrote the lyrics with her) we are absolutely in agreement with this matter.

and this is his favorite lyric if you wanna include a lyric : )
“You can touch me any place
But keep your hands away, from my plate
I can give you a little taste of me
but my meal, keep your space”

Latte – The Italian Breakfast
Track List

01. God Bless The Saint
02. Latte Di Mandoria
03. MAMA (prod. Dumbo Gets Mad)
04. Intercourse
05. Miss Ducke
06. Fooding feat. Chickpee
07. G
08. A Dinner Out
09. Grown Up Boy
10. Mermaid
11. L.A.? Not Alone Girl!
12. Saint Lucia of Siracusa

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