Ron Gallo Debuts Video For “Hide”

Ron Gallo has released a new video for "Hide"
Ron Gallo "Hide"

Ron Gallo has released a new video for “Hide.” The track is definitely a departure for the singer/songwriter. On previous releases we heard a lot of punk and garage influences. “Hide,” hits us with some infectious dance sounds, which definitely will want to get your groove on. The track is now available via New West Records.

living now in his own house in Nashville, a place where he feels mostly alien. Last fall, he started – a creative outlet that started as a place for him to just share thoughts and whatever he was into and has since morphed into a digital festival and a clothes line.

“Making this new stuff felt like color-blocking, like if it was a shirt it would have a yellow left sleeve, orange right sleeve, green mid-section, pink pockets and a white collar, no metaphor. Might not make sense, but that’s a shirt I want to wear right now.”

Gallo wrote and started recording these songs during a three month period of self-isolation last summer when immigration forced him back to America from Italy where he planned to stay with his now-wife, and collaborator, Chiara. After a trip around the world, mostly spent living and recording in Italy, 9 months later he finished these recordings in the same room they started during pandemic self-isolation working remotely with Ben H. Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective) who provided additional production and mixing. “Now and then feel oddly similar. I want to be one of the people at least trying to make people happy as the world goes through some major growing pains”.

“I figured I am gonna be inside for a while so I bought a green screen and the “HIDE” video is me learning how to use it. Shot and edited it myself. My favorite thing about it so far is that I can fake put myself anywhere in a time when I can’t go anywhere and then when I rewatch it it’s kind of like being somewhere else.” “HIDE (MYSELF BEHIND YOU).”