Röyksopp share video and new festival dates

Röyksopp share new video for "I Had This Thing," and announce new festival dates

Today, Röyksopp share their new video for “I Had This Thing” – taken from their recent album The Inevitable End. (Dog Triumph via Wall Of Sound and Cooking Vinyl.)

The video depicts a couple in love, separated after an argument. The girl is trapped in her car, witnessing apocalyptic scenarios unfold. We question if they ever are to be re-united as the world comes crashing down. Her love is the only person she wants to be with, but it’s too late. He texts her “I never meant to let you go…”.

The battle between reason and desire is a theme that runs throughout ‘The Inevitable End’ and ‘I Had This Thing’ sums it up perfectly. Röyksopp delicately utilizes the deliriously sad vocals sung by Jamie Irrepressible. Lyrics like “I still don’t know just what I’ve done”, and the mantra of “I never meant to let you go”, are weaved into exquisite harmonies over a dirty, pulsing bass.

Röyksopp unveiled their new live show at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami where they headlined the Friday Night on the Live Stage, and will play at festivals in Chicago, Moscow, and finally performing on their home turf, Norway, throughout the summer.

Röyksopp tour dates

Bergenfest 2015 Bergen, Norway

Park Live Festival 2015 Moscow, Russian Federation

Kongsberg Jazz Festival 2015 Kongsberg, Norway

Skral Festival 2015 Grimstad, Norway

Parkenfestivalen 2015 Bodø, Norway

Jugendfest 2015 Ålesund, Norway

Sverresborg Arena Trondheim, Norway

RakettNatt 2015 Tromsø, Norway

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