“Rock N Roll” Welles

Last year, saw the release of Welles’ debut release, Red Trees and White Trashes, via 300 Entertainment. Along with the album’s arrival, came the wonderful video for “Rock n Roll,” described as a nostalgic, animated trip, think Fritz The Cat meets Heavy Metal (for those of you old enough to remember). Created by Diego Huacuja from Basa Estudio based out of Mexico City, the visual artist wanted to “visually communicate the personality and vibe of the song,” noting how there’s a “heavy rock and roll tone mixed with a certain indifference and absurdness within the lyrics that I was really drawn to.”

Diego Huacuja on the video for “Rock N Roll”:

“All of the elements and characters represent the lyrics at that moment of the song as well as how I think Jesse would imagine and draw those lyrics. Like the “square” parents. We all know parents are (sometimes) square. The fictional character of Jesse just wants to be free, hang out everywhere, and enjoy the moment.”

“The same happens with the style of illustration. We decided to represent that freedom in the strokes, shapes, colors and adding a fanzine texture which I personally love and think really fits great with the whole video. The artwork has no rules, no walls or floors, we just wanted to create a rad animation video for this cool song.”


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