“Pretty Clear” Jackson MacIntosh

Jackson MacIntosh has released a new video for his single “Pretty Clear,” the clip was directed by Laura Lynn-Petrick (Weyes Blood, Jessica Pratt) and off his current release for Sinderlyn My Dark Side.

Jackson MacIntosh talks about the song and video for “Pretty Clear”:

“‘Pretty Clear’ is a collaboration with my old bandmate Ellise Barbara (catch me lurking in the background in this old video). I got stuck while I was writing the song and knowing that she has a way with words and melodies, I asked her to help me out. She sent me lyrics within a day, and then she came into the studio and we sang it as a duet. When it was finally Album Time, we got together with bon vivant and video director extraordinaire Laura Lynn Petrick and shot this video in the damp, chilly Montreal springtime, ate some great meals and went for a dip in the pool (it turns out the hotel staff are not especially fond of fully clothed adults jumping into the pool, FYI).”

MacIntosh, long-time involved in the Montreal music scene, aside from his solo career he is the bassist of indie pop outfit TOPS, and has recorded and engineered the last two albums for labelmate Homeshake at his now-defunct home Montreal studio and venue, Drones Club. He has collaborated with Drugdealer as well as Montreal’s Bernardino Femminielli, all in addition to fronting the pop band Sheer Agony.

Jackson MacIntosh
My Dark Side
Track List

1 – Can It Be Love?
2 – Lulu
3 – The Grass
4 – I Wish I Could Feel Like I Used To
5 – My Dark Side
6 – Peter Pan
7 – Pretty Clear
8 – Quotation
9 – Can’t Stop Holding
10 – When To Turn The Lights Back On

Jackson MacIntosh will be playing at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right for their 5th anniversary celebration on November 21 as the support for Drugdealer.