Homeshake Announces CD Wallet LP

Homeshake announces new album CD Wallet. Ahead of the album's arrival, Peter Sager AKA: Homeshake has shared the album's title-track
Homeshake photo by Matthew Yoscary

Homeshake announces his new album, CD Wallet, will drop on March 8th via his imprint SHHOAMKEE. Ahead of the LP’s arrival, he has shared a video for the lead single and title track. Written and recorded over a majority of 2023 at Peter Sager AKA: Homeshake’s home studio in Toronto, CD Wallet takes place in his hometown of Edmonton, and touches on memories of growing up and the feeling of returning years later. Peter explains how the album was “made in a heavy, straightforward indie rock style to impress my childhood self” and addresses feelings of nostalgia and the trappings one finds themselves in when reflecting on years past.

The video for “CD Wallet” was shot by Jim Larson in Edmonton and features clips of Peter traveling through his childhood home, visiting places he hasn’t seen since moving away over a decade earlier but is returning to now. It’s also an homage to feeling alien in a place you haven’t lived in, but still know where everything is and how to get there.

CD Wallet also emphasizes Peter’s early fascination with guitar music: “Wake up, grandma why don’t you put on a little makeup,” or so he thought the lyrics went to “Chop Suey!” by System of a Down. Sagar was flabbergasted; he sat, mouth open, with a copy of Guitar World magazine open to the tablature of “Chop Suey!” Reading the fine print with a magnifying glass completely stunned, knocked flat onto his back, he learned a guitar can be tuned much lower than he had expected! Drop C in fact. A tuning he uses to this day. An artist and an album were born.

Homeshake co-wrote and featured on Eyedress’ “Spaghetti,” one of his first collaborations since “Love Is Only a Feeling” with Joey Bada$$ in 2017. More new music is forthcoming in 2024 as well as a North American headline tour to be announced with live band members Greg Napier, Mark Goetz, and Brad Loughead.

CD Wallet

1. Frayed
2. Letting Go
3. Smoke
4. Kitty
5. Basement
6. CD Wallet
7. Penciled In
8. Mirror
9. Listerine

Pre-order CD Wallet by Homeshake HERE


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