Pregnant Women debuts “Staggered Bath”

Pregnant Women has shared "Staggered Bath" the first single off the LP 'Soft Features' out this year via Ghost Ramp Records.
Pregnant Women "Staggered Bath"

Pregnant Women is the solo project of So Stressed frontman Morgan Fox. His forthcoming release Soft Features comes out this year via Ghost Ramp. Ahead of the album’s arrival, Pregnant Women has shared the lead-single “Staggered Bath.” The track is a definite departure for Fox, infused with 80s synth pop and lush guitar hooks, fans of Yaz, Depeche Mode, and Soft Cell, will definitely gravitate to “Staggered Bath,” and are in for a real treat, if the album follows in it’s tracks.

Morgan Fox on “Staggered Bath”;

“Staggered Bath” is definitely one of my very favorite songs on the album. It’s my attempt at really making a fun, straight forward pop song. It’s so simple. It’s all about being head over heels for somebody. You can’t believe how great they are and how lucky you are. They make the good great and the bad tolerable. Recording it was really fun. I had some friends play on it and I even convinced my girlfriend to a sing the choruses with me. The whole song is just fun and happy and enjoyable for me. It’s all good, warm memories.