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Peace Loving People


“Just take the edge off for me / I’m a sharp corner,” Pardoner open up their new album, Peace Loving People, which came out on Bar/None Records last Friday. With their slacker rock, which is equal parts Teenage Fanclub and Dinosaur Jr (and throw in some hardcore for good measure), they combine searing guitars and deadpan vocals into something reminiscent of the best 90’s indie rock to hit the airwaves.

With anti-war songs, like “Cruel Gun,” (“wrap you up in a flag / bullet in your back,”) and songs about drugs, like “Are You Free Tonight?” (“so long as the music plays / we have no choice but to dance / so take a little pill”), and songs about love, like “She’s Next To Me,” (“you can hate the players / and you can hate the game / we’re all peace loving people / there’s no one to blame”) they have put together an album worthy of it’s name. A sort of residual high from the 60’s and 70’s, (though their sound takes from decades later,) with a band that has their finger on the pulse of what it is to grow up in a post-hippie America and beyond.

Mostly residing in the Bay Area, they even have a Canadian member in Max Freeland, who makes the 15 hour drive south to keep the band churning out their decidedly sweet and addictive ear candy. It’s fourteen tracks and clocks in at about thirty minutes, even including a song humorously called “Short Song” on the album. For a quick listen, it is jam packed with contagious riffs and witty refrains. “Which losers today / Tomorrow will win?”

This is their fourth album since 2017, (they put out a new album about every two years,) and they have quite the momentum as a group and a live playing unit, who’s known for a good show. They borrow from the likes of Polvo, Sonic Youth, and The Smashing Pumpkins in their guitar prowess, but have a sound all their own. And while the guitars are for sure the highlight of this record, they are catchy songs to play on repeat. This might be the album of the summer for some people, especially fans of 90’s slacker rock.


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