“On The Line” San Cisco

“On The Line” was shot during a unique moment in time when social distancing regulations, brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, were eased in Western Australia. It’s a time that so many people in the world are either experiencing right now or longing for the moment it’s going to happen. Most probably the first video made after restrictions have eased, it shows Jordi, Scarlett and Joshua getting ready to finally see each other again. The band are back together…..elbow taps, foot bumps and all!

Jordi explains, “We were super excited to be able to come out of isolation and join together as a band for the first time in months to shoot this video. It was such a fun day of filming with a great crew. We appreciate that at the moment not everyone is as lucky as us, here in Western Australia, to be able to come together in this way. We really hope that those who can’t, will be able to reconnect with loved ones safely soon”

San Cisco’s Flaws EP is a collection of tracks from their forthcoming studio album that explore the ideas of love, loss, heartbreak and redemption.