“Summer Days” By San Cisco

Australian band San Cisco have shared their new single “Summer Days,” the track features long term collaborator and good friend Nicholas Allbrook (POND). The track is 0ff  their forthcoming album, Under The Light, available March 1st via Nettwerk Records.

Written as an ode to the emotional turmoil and absolute rollercoaster that comes when overthinking the ‘what ifs’ of life and what could have been. “Experiencing loss isn’t just about reflecting on the past, it’s also about mourning what the future could have been, that future can be as big or small as your heart desires filling whatever hole was left inside you,” the band explains. “Standing on the rooftop of a tall building in a city filled with things that feel nothing like home on an evening engineered for celebrating love at the strike of midnight, the mark of a new year and a new beginning.

To celebrate the release of the new single, San Cisco have also released the music video for “Summer Days” – a continuation of the music video for “High.” Shot on location in NSW’s Blue Mountains and directed by mastermind Levi Cranston, the video for “High” set the scene of a typical, innocent love story that slowly started to unravel into something much more sinister as the video clip went on, leaving off on a cliffhanger. “There’s something insidious about this cheesy love story,” Cranston shared. “Perhaps all that warm, glowing, spinning, slow-motion stuff is true love; don’t they look happy? Don’t look too hard at the cold rain and the crows and the red tide. Forget about that. That will come later.”

San Cisco
Under The Light
Netwerk Records

Lost Without You
Under The Light
One Percent
Summer Days
Find Yourself Here Again
Family Trust
Into My Heart

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