NZCA LINES debuts video for “Push Reset”

NZCA LINES debuts video for "Push Reset"
NCZA LINES Photo by Cynthia Villamil

NZCA LINES, the project of the producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Lovett is today announcing the upcoming release of a new EP, Universal Heartbreak, on September 22nd via Memphis Industries.

The reveal comes alongside a new London show at The Lower Third on September 21st as well as a brand new single and self-directed video, “Push Reset.”

Shot outside Lovett’s Brooklyn apartment building, where he has lived since late 2020, the video sees NZCA LINES in a cinematic time-loop, as the drama of an unseen relationship plays out through his onscreen actions. Set atop a plaintive piano loop and hypnotic 90s hip hop-inspired drums, “Push Reset” is the first showcase of Universal Heartbreak, and presents a more stripped back, emotionally direct approach following Lovett’s last release, the acclaimed hyper-maximalist 2020 album Pure Luxury.

Speaking of the EP, Michael said: “Each of these songs started life on a Wurlitzer electric piano and 808 drum machine. I wanted to strip back my songwriting and directly express my experience over the past couple of years, which have been difficult for everyone to a greater or lesser extent. My version of this lives through the music on Universal Heartbreak: emotions I’ve had to process, frustration, anger or sadness I’ve had to work through. These songs are also inextricably linked with New York City and my life there between 2020-23, so self-directing a video in front of my apartment building seemed like an apt visual. I like the idea of releasing music as a time capsule, as an expression of my current life. Conversely, it’s very hard for me to finish music, to say “this is good enough, share it” – there’s always a voice telling me that it’s not. By releasing a series of EPs, I’m trying to shorten the length of time between creating music and releasing it, to obsess less and embrace spontaneity”.

Stream the new single HERE


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