NZCA LINES “For Your Love”

NZCA LINES has shared A video for his recent single, “For Your Love.” the new clip comes off the back of Michael Lovett AKA: NZCA LINES’ current release, Pure Luxury, available via Memphis Industries.

The video was Directed by Florence Winter Hill, and made up of over 50 different films taken from within the public domain. Winter Hill, alongside her editor, Teresa Hunter de Terry and producer, Graham Roberts, utilized the footage – combining sci-fi, with romance and comedy – to portray a love story between a couple trying to escape an alien invasion. By removing the characters’ images and replacing them with bright colors, they look to seamlessly portray the story whilst playing into the album’s bright tones and overarching themes such as the notion of luxury, status and the insanity of pursuing material wealth in the face of environmental catastrophe.

Musically, “For Your Love” positions itself as a true standout from the new record, emerging as the swooning 70s soul and disco-infused emotional core to Pure Luxury. Featuring guest vocals from LA-based artist, VIAA, and a string section written by French/English composer, Josephine Stephenson and recorded by London’s 12 Ensemble. Alongside his solo work, Lovett is also known as his work within UK group, Metronomy, and his guitar/synthesizer duties on records by Christine and the Queens